Protecting your Tweets

Just before Digital London back in March 2012 I was interviewed by Adam Malik, the Founder of the Show. We discussed the value of your network connections on the various public networks (e.g. Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc).

One of the key points that Adam was making to me is that you should let anyone follow . . . → Read More: Protecting your Tweets

Social Graphs – Presentation at Digital Shoreditch

I had the opportunity to present at Digital Shoreditch. Here is my presentation

Using social graphs to personalize user experience

View more presentations from Alpesh Doshi. It was great to see such an innovative event that had lots of new thinking and ideas around business and the media. Inspiring! addthis_url = ‘’; addthis_title = ‘Social+Graphs+%26%238211%3B+Presentation+at+Digital+Shoreditch’; . . . → Read More: Social Graphs – Presentation at Digital Shoreditch

The obligatory Twitter Post

I’ve been twittering for about a year and only in the past 4/5 months has Twitter really taken off. Some people don’t seem to get the reasons and the business value to Twitter. I find that’s a shame.

The power of social media to influence is only become apparent, but at the moment, the hype . . . → Read More: The obligatory Twitter Post

Lijit – you can search my world

I get a daily update from ReadWriteWeb and usually find interesting things to read and learn about.

Today, I found a new app that can help users who visit my blog the ability to see my world and search it. Lijit is great! Have a look at the left column…. It’s the start, for me . . . → Read More: Lijit – you can search my world

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