Protecting your Tweets

Just before Digital London back in March 2012 I was interviewed by Adam Malik, the Founder of the Show. We discussed the value of your network connections on the various public networks (e.g. Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc).

One of the key points that Adam was making to me is that you should let anyone follow . . . → Read More: Protecting your Tweets

Network Analysis – Enterprise 2.0 Workshop

I facilitated a workshop entitled “How to discover and use inherent relationships’ at the Enterprise 2.0 Summit. As part of that workshop, it was clear to me that there is significant work to be done to join up and create a successful Enteprise 2.0 delivery strategy.

Network Analysis (or as it used to be called, . . . → Read More: Network Analysis – Enterprise 2.0 Workshop

Enterprise 2.0 Summit – Frankfurt (27th-28th October 2010)

I attended the e20summit in Frankfurt after submitting and being accepted to facilitate an Open Work space session. The conference was organised to discuss and and provide use cases and examples of the application of Social Media and Enterprise 2.0 within large enterprises.

It turned out that there were a number of areas that . . . → Read More: Enterprise 2.0 Summit – Frankfurt (27th-28th October 2010)

Lijit – you can search my world

I get a daily update from ReadWriteWeb and usually find interesting things to read and learn about.

Today, I found a new app that can help users who visit my blog the ability to see my world and search it. Lijit is great! Have a look at the left column…. It’s the start, for me . . . → Read More: Lijit – you can search my world

A new article published in Architecture and Governance Magazine

I recently authored and article jointly with Bruno Bonati (a former director of Credit Suisse). It’s my first ! An article about how a Services Architecture approach can help to integrate banking organisations together. Please have a look here

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