No more IP Addresses – the last of the first generation

It was announced today that the last group of the IP address available on the current internet have been handed out to ISPs.

This is the last batch of 16million addresses, without which your website, connection to facebook, email etc would not work.  Even though this allows 4.3billion connections to the internet, we need more!

See BBC Article:

What does this mean to us?

With the dawn of the the Internet of Things, every device will eventually be connected to the internet.  The new protocol (called IPv6 for those of your techies), will now allow a pool of addresses that are billion, trillion times larger than currently supported.

So, it means that you will be able to connect to all your devices (mobile phones, fridges, websites, etc).  Which means that you can receive and send data from that device.

This leads to the other booming area – the fact that the amount of data generated everyday on the web is increasing exponentially.  I will write another Blog post on this soon.

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