Network Analysis – Enterprise 2.0 Workshop

I facilitated a workshop entitled “How to discover and use inherent relationships’ at the Enterprise 2.0 Summit.  As part of that workshop, it was clear to me that there is significant work to be done to join up and create a successful Enteprise 2.0 delivery strategy.

Network Analysis (or as it used to be called, Social Network Analysis) has been primarily used to discover organisational behaviour.  Rob Cross’s work shown here looks at information flow and inherent relationships that exist within enterprises.  It is clear from his work, and ours at clients, that most organisations may be hierarchical in nature, but how people actually work is very different.

Robert Slagter’s post summarises the some of the outcomes we discussed in our workshop.

Perform a network analysis is only the start of the Enterprise 2.0 implementation process. To  successfully deliver a solution for collaboration, next generation knowledge management, this is only the start of the process.

Also, it is a continuous process, combined together with understanding the information flows and business processes that are affected.  Asking the right questions to uncover what information is shared, by whom and when, is relevant and important, but it must be used in combination with other things:

  • technology to model the ‘social graph’ quickly to see how people work together
  • detailed analysis of the content which is shared
  • the effectiveness and productivity of communication
  • how the information, interactions and graph are stored and tagged for discovery


Oh, and we also need the community and collaboration software!

Let’s hope that everyone in this new sector can learn from these approaches – that have been around for a long time – and can be modified and integrated into new ways of delivering effective solutions.

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