People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it

I came a cross an interesting post and TED talk – the tag line says it all.

To quote from ReadWriteWeb:

Motivational speaker and author of the book Start With Why Simon Sinek believes he has found a way to map out the way inspiring leaders and innovators think. Young entrepreneurs who may think they aren’t up to snuff with the big boys of innovation should be encouraged by Sinek’s theories which seek to break down inspiration into an easily replicated formula.

He calls his concept “The Golden Circle,” a series of three concentric circles that represent the different ways we think about a product or goal. The outermost circle, labeled “What,” represents, for instance, a company’s product. The next circle, “How,” would be the technology behind this product, and the innermost circle represents “Why” the company makes the product.

When talking with your audience, whether it’s a prospect/customer or a conference audience, it’s surprising how many people sell the ‘old’ way.

My passion about social media and how this will fundamentally change the way we work and live hopefully comes across when I talk about this.

See Simon’s talk here:

It’s short and worth spending time watch it

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