Digital Transformation. What needs to happen?

It’s that time of year again – time to reflect on what has been and what is to come. As we come into 2017, it feels like the creation of new technologies and their application, and the hype surrounding these technologies, continues. Looking back over the past couple of years, we’ve seen 100’s of companies, . . . → Read More: Digital Transformation. What needs to happen?

Protecting your Tweets

Just before Digital London back in March 2012 I was interviewed by Adam Malik, the Founder of the Show. We discussed the value of your network connections on the various public networks (e.g. Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc).

One of the key points that Adam was making to me is that you should let anyone follow . . . → Read More: Protecting your Tweets

Social Media Consultants and Experts (NOT!)

I found this succinct article on Social Media Experts. If you read it an agree with me that this is what most social media agencies do then we’re on the right track.

The Experts, Translated How well do brands really understand social? We heard a lot of buzzwords–and a lot of uncertainty.

WHAT THEY SAID . . . → Read More: Social Media Consultants and Experts (NOT!)

SAP on using Social Media

MIT has published an interview with Mark Yolton, VP Communities and Social Media.

SAP, being a large software vendors and technology leaders, obviously have to demonstrate their understanding and implementation of Social into their business. I have been following their efforts in building out a community of 3 million SAP customers, partners and employees as . . . → Read More: SAP on using Social Media

Gartner – Big Data

Gartner recently released their Hype Cycle for Cloud Computing in which is contained the state of play for Big Data.



It’s interesting to see that Gartner focuses on technology triggers first and how that’s helping driving change. In this picture you can see that Big Data is coming towards a ‘Peak of . . . → Read More: Gartner – Big Data

Social Graphs – Presentation at Digital Shoreditch

I had the opportunity to present at Digital Shoreditch. Here is my presentation

Using social graphs to personalize user experience

View more presentations from Alpesh Doshi. It was great to see such an innovative event that had lots of new thinking and ideas around business and the media. Inspiring! addthis_url = ‘’; addthis_title = ‘Social+Graphs+%26%238211%3B+Presentation+at+Digital+Shoreditch’; . . . → Read More: Social Graphs – Presentation at Digital Shoreditch

Facebook IPO – Is it worth $100bn?

The impending IPO of Facebook has got me thinking about whether it’s worth $100bn. There seem to be a variety of views on whether it’s overvalued. Now with the price of the IPO increased again, is it hype around Facebook that’s driving the price or do investors really understand the future opportunities exist.

Facebook is . . . → Read More: Facebook IPO – Is it worth $100bn?

Personal Cloud a reality by 2014 – Gartner

Gartner have made their predictions for 2014 and use of cloud by individuals.


Megatrend No. 1: Consumerization — You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet Gartner has discussed the consumerization of IT for the better part of a decade, and has seen the impact of it across various aspects of the corporate IT world. However, . . . → Read More: Personal Cloud a reality by 2014 – Gartner

Information Age – Social and Enterprise Architecture

I recently presented at an Information Age Event – Social and Mobile Business.

The topic was an interesting one – Enterprise Architecture for the Social Enterprise. Until recently, social media was focused within the marketing department without much interference or input from IT. However, we’re now seeing a lot more thought put to how IT . . . → Read More: Information Age – Social and Enterprise Architecture

Microsoft vs RoW (Rest of the World)

I’ve recently been discussing with clients and prospects around the use of Microsoft vs Everything else technology. Specifically in comparison with ‘open source’ technology. It’s been a revelation for me that Microsoft is prevalent in building internet applications and websites. I’m not against Microsoft technology per se. MS technology is widely used and they have . . . → Read More: Microsoft vs RoW (Rest of the World)

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